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SJD Accountancy is the UK's largest firm of contractor accountants providing tax advice to over 15,000 contractors, all of whom work through their own Limited company.

We have offices in Milton Keynes and across the UK and have won more awards for customer service and accounting excellence than any other firm in the contractor accountant sector, including three Accountancy Age Awards, six Contractor UK 'Best Contractor Accountant' reader Awards and two National Customer Service Awards.

What's more, all clients receive their own dedicated accountant* who they can meet, call and email all for just £120 plus VAT per month.

The first thing contractors usually think of when looking for an accountant is to find a local ‘high street’ company, but they are rarely specialist contractor accountants, so may not have knowledge of specific schemes which can benefit you as a contractor. There are also telephone only and internet based contractor accountants, however we have always felt it's far better for clients to have their own accountant that they can meet up with even if it's just once a year to discuss their business and personal financial goals. Tax is complicated and sometimes there is simply no substitute to meeting with your accountant face to face. Your accountant needs to understand your goals and to be able to provide the highest level of tax advice, something we just don't feel can be archived purely via a telephone/internet only relationship. Sure we could cut costs and reduce fees by closing offices and going telephone/internet only but this would ultimately reduce the level of service we provide. It's also interesting that most telephone and internet only companies aren't really that much cheaper anyway.

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If you're just starting out contracting in Milton Keynes, find below a few details which you might find helpful.

Contracting in Milton Keynes

It’s hard to believe that just over 45 years ago Milton Keynes was nothing more than a small village surrounded by farmland. Today it sprawls over 200,000 acres and is one the fastest growing cities in the country, with many different development projects ongoing in the area. And with the three major conurbation's of Northampton, Milton Keynes and Luton in a forty mile stretch of the M1 motorway it’s easy to see why the area is undergoing such rapid growth.

Each town has a major rail link into London and air travel is served by London’s fourth international airport in Luton. The Grand Union Canal meanders through the region, past historic shoe factories in Northampton and the Wolverton Rail Works where the actual Royal Train was housed, on its way to Milton Keynes and beyond. The area is classic commuter-belt land with great leisure and work opportunities which make it a prosperous and enjoyable place to live and work.

With its central England location and a great transport network, the area is a major distribution hub for large haulage companies and home to a number of national distribution warehouses for major chains such as John Lewis and Tesco. Milton Keynes also has a high proportion of IT businesses and a number of automotive giants, with Mercedes Benz and the Volkswagen Group both having Head Offices in the city. It is also home to the world famous Red Bull Racing F1 team. Major industries include IT and telecoms, construction, finance and banking, distribution and warehousing and airlines, with some of the key employers including:

  • Unisys - Unisys has a large Customer Care centre in Milton Keynes and its projects are at the heart of many strategically-vital activities in key industry sectors. In the UK for example, a Unisys command and control system handles 12,000 emergency calls a day for the Metropolitan Police.
  • HP Enterprise Services - The IT services company formally known as EDS (Electronic Data Systems) was brought under the global branding of HP in 2009 after being acquired a year earlier. Specialising in IT outsourcing, it has worked with giants such as Vodafone, Telefonica and ICI as well as being the company responsible for the ‘Oyster Card’ – Transport for London’s smartcard ticketing system.
  • Santander - Following its takeover of Abbey National in 2004, Santander has become a major player within the UK banking sector. The original Abbey National Head Office in Central Milton Keynes is now the Santander HQ in the UK and the company also has a large data centre and infrastructure management unit in the outer reaches of the city.

Despite being outside London, typical rates of pay for contractors around Milton Keynes can attract a premium, due to the high value of available contracts. These rates will of course vary depending on individual skill-sets, but as an example, an IT Contractor could expect to earn between £350 and £400 per day on average before tax in Milton Keynes.

Most UK-wide recruitment agencies will carry a good number of Milton Keynes contractor jobs, so they should be quite easy to track down. It’s also worth keeping an eye out in the local papers, the best read being the Milton Keynes Citizen ( and the MK News ( The Milton Keynes website at is also a useful resource.

There are a few pros and cons to working in Milton Keynes. On the downside, it offers lower rates of pay than in London, some people don’t like the ‘impersonal’ and modern style of the city – which has no traditional city centre, and it’s about as far away from the coast as you can get in the UK. On the upside however, there is a great diversity of opportunities available, with an excellent social life, plenty of leisure activities, fantastic transport links and a ‘city living’ feel but with countryside on the doorstep.

While ‘regeneration’ seems to be a keyword around the country at the moment, here the word most definitely is ‘expansion’, with Milton Keynes projected to rival cities such as Cardiff and Leicester in size by 2031. Housing stock in the Milton Keynes area is likely to double in size - and with the expected 70,000 new homes, it would herald the country’s largest urban expansion in more than fifty years. This expansion will mean a massive investment in the construction and infrastructure industries, and with a twenty year plan could mean consistent and well-paid work for contractors with expertise in these areas.

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