Benefits of Becoming a Renewable Energy Engineer?

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Renewable energy is one of those few industries where you can make a real difference. The industry is rewarding, as it is imperative that we as a country and the world become more sustainable. The Government has committed to sourcing 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, and as result there will be over 1.3 million job opportunities for UK contractors by 2015 (Based on comments from 2011).

Here are some (and these are just a few) of the benefits to being a Renewable Energy Engineer contractor are:

  • Greater job demand - Vast sums of money are being invested in Renewable Energy with  numerous new projects and job opportunities being created. 
  • Higher rates of pay – With the demand high and the supply ratio low, contracting within this sector makes you a highly desirable candidate, giving you a greater opportunity to negotiate a higher rate of pay, which is only fair as unlike permanent employees, you do not get holiday or sick pay, giving you a greater chance of a higher rate.
  • Experience - The more contracts you take on the greater your practical and managerial skills. Giving you a wider choice of projects and the ability to charge higher daily rates. These skills will also enrich your CV, making you more appealing to a potential client.
  • The chance to be your own boss – You are the specialist in your sector putting a new spin on the client contractor relationship.  
  • Greater freedom - You can choose which contracts you take on and the length of time you work. The choice is yours!
  • Travel -The opportunity to travel and work all over the world. You could take a contract in the North Sea followed by a contract in Dubai.
  • Build a better future - The chance to make a more sustainable future for generations to come whether you work in bio fuels, hydropower, wind or solar power.
  • Prospects - A large amount of projects are the ‘first‘ of their kind within this sector, giving you the opportunity of gaining invaluable skills that only a handful of, or no other contractor holds.

Contracting as a Renewable Energy Engineer puts a whole new spin on the client, employee, relationship. Your role is to come into an organisation as the ‘industry expert’, which is not only a nice position to be in, it also adds to your credibility as an industry professional, widens your experience further and helps increase your daily rate.

Another benefit to contracting is you will pay less tax, then a permanent employee. This is to be expected, after all as a contractor you do not get sick pay, holiday pay, and have to manage your own tax affairs. 

Any accountant will tell you that trading through your own Limited Company is the most tax efficient way possible. However any good accountant will be able to remove most of the burden and you shouldn’t need to allow more than 15 – 20 minutes a month for limited company administration. Visit the following page for a full list of Benefits of having an Accountant

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