Finding an Engineering Contract

This is always the challenge of course – and there are two main routes. 

1) Networking. Personal contacts will be a vital tool here! Many contractors tend to try this option first and it basically involves getting in touch with anyone and everyone that you’ve worked with in the past and letting them know that you’re looking for contract work. 

Start handing out those business cards and make sure that your name is always in the frame when a client is looking for someone with your skills and experience. Even if the people you know are not the actual clients, your past colleagues will be happy to recommend you if they become aware of a position which will suit you – assuming of course that it’s not ideal for them as well!

2) Through a recruitment consultancy. If this is not something you’re familiar with then ask other engineering contractors as they will be able to make recommendations based on their own experience. 

Once you have chosen a potential agency, send in your CV and explain why you’re looking to start contracting and also why you’d like to work with them. It’s also useful to say right from the start which areas you’d be happy to work in, and whether in the UK or abroad, and also when you’re available to start work. 

It probably makes sense to give them an idea of your expected salary as well, so you don’t waste time talking to people about roles which turn out to not generate the income you require. You might also want to give them a call every now and again, just to keep your name front-of-mind.

For further advice on how to create the perfect CV and how to give the best interview visit our Contractor Careers Centre

If you are still unsure about whether to become an engineering contractor then the following pages will provide you with some more detailed information on the options available and how to start up

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