The Tools for the Job

Anyone considering freelance work must have enough experience in their chosen field in order to sell their services credibly as a freelancer. But beyond that, the most vital thing is that you look like a professional. Many freelancers do run successful businesses using Hotmail email addresses and the like, but you really will create a better impression if you invest in a proper domain name. These are not expensive and can be bought online easily and simply, usually with email hosting packages (which you will need) and web hosting packages.

Once you have an email address it is worth investing in a single web page at the very least. Being able to point people at your web page for further information and contact details really helps when marketing your services and also makes you look more professional. If you know someone (or are a web developer!) then this will not be a problem, but if you don’t, then there are a number of good quality low-cost website packages ‘in a box’ out there that will enable you to get up and running.

Something else that will definitely be useful is business cards, for giving to friends, suppliers and industry contacts - and for handing out when visiting industry events. Make sure you include a supporting sentence on the card which explains what services you offer, if it’s not obvious from your company name. You don’t need a logo (unless you can get one for nothing!) and other stationery items are not vital either in the Internet age, as all correspondence and invoicing can be done via email.

Any other marketing tools, like a brochure or hard copy sales materials, are a nice-to-have but really are not essential. If someone asks for a brochure simply refer them to your web page instead. Further down the line if you really want a brochure then you can choose to have one, but in the short term, there are better things to spend your limited budget on!

Your other vital marketing tool will be samples of work and/or client references. but these take time to build up. Make sure you always ask for these and update your website regularly with new work samples (if relevant) or new client testimonials.

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