Recruitment Agency Accountant PSL Questionnaire Template

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Recruitment Agency Accountant PSL Questionnaire Template
Recruitment Agency Accountant PSL Questionnaire Template

 Recruitment Agency Accountancy PSL Information Pack

More and more recruiters are choosing to not only provide contractor candidates with an approved list of umbrella companies but are now choosing to do the same with Accountancy providers.

Find below a potential list of questions you may choose to use when establishing the credentials of an accountancy firm:

1. Can you provide any evidence that you do not provide an MSC service?
This seems like an obvious question however numerous companies provide an array of services to clients which may seem helpful but could in fact conflict with MSC legislation, such as:

- access to its client's bank accounts 
- shareholders or directors of the contractors company 
- being far too involved in managing the contractors company

There is no need for an accountant on the whole to do the above for contractors as too much involvement with their limited company may imply the accountant is managing contractor company and not the contractor.

Please note – This evidence must come from an authoritative organisation and not simply be meaningless ‘paid for’ stamp of approval.

2. Do you have access to client's bank accounts? Y/N

3. Are you ever shareholders or directors of clients companies? Y/N

4. Are you intrinsically involved in managing your clients companies? Y/N

5. When was the firm/company established?

6. Do you have professional indemnity insurance, if so how much?

7. Do you specialise in contractors/freelancers, if so how many years experience do you have?

8. Is your firm/company a member of a professional accountancy body, if so which one?

9. Please list the qualifications of your accountants.

10. How many accountants do you employ?

11. How many contractor/freelancer clients do you have?

12. Do you outsource accounting work to third parties, if so please list the work you outsource?

13. Do you use offshoring, if so what do you offshore?

14. Do you provide clients with their own dedicated accountant, if so are there extra charges for this service?

15. Will the dedicated accountant prepare the clients end of year accounts or are they outsourced to other individuals either internally or externally?

16. Is your accountancy firm nationwide, if so, what are the locations?

17. Can and do clients meet with their accountant?
Difficult to do if you they only have one office.

18. Do you hold any contractor specialist memberships such as The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE)?
IPSE provide a very rigorous approval process carried out in partnership with the leading firm Accountax and as such being an IPSE Accredited Accountant does actually mean something.

19. What IR35 experience do you have?

20. Do you have awards from relevant authoritative organisations, if so what are they?
Companies can make all sorts of claims on website's and sales proposals which is where third party references and awards can help to support the marketing claims made.

21. Do you provide clients with any service guarantees to back up marketing claims, if so what are they?
Again anything that supports marketing claims made is useful.

22. What services do you provide and at what cost?

If you have any questions about compliancy, Accountancy PSL’s or would like any further information/advice please call Rachel Rymer – Recruitment Liaison Manager on 01442 275789 or email:

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