Typical rates of pay in the Finance and Banking Sectors

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Well, quite honestly we've checked a few sites and the range is huge from £100 per day to £1,000 plus per day.

“According to Joslin Rowe Interim research, average daily financial services contractor rates are running at around £800 a day - over £200,000 per annum. However, some investment bank jobs are paying a premium. Guttridge added: "Financial services contractors are highly valued, but their stock rockets if they parachute in mid-project. Effectively, they’re taking a risk. If the project turns around, the financial services contractor can bolster their CV and their pay packet. Rates can rise by 25% to £1,000 a day in this type of scenario. But if the project fails, or continues to flounder, then it’s something that needs to be managed very carefully on a CV so as not to affect future employability."

The major banking, investment and financial services jobs website is efinancials, so it might be worth checking for contracts and daily rates on there.

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