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4G may create job opportunities for engineer contractors

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Contractors with skills in the engineering sector will be interested to hear that they may benefit from the installation of the 4G broadband infrastructure.

According to technology journalist Michael Brook, the introduction of 4G in the next coming months will result in billions of pounds being invested into the country.  This in turn could potentially create around 125,000 job opportunities, mainly for the engineering sector and for both freelancers and permanent workers alike.

Mr Brook points out that the majority of these job opportunities will be created in the capital.  He explained, “Naturally, because London is the business hub of the country a lot of them will be concentrated around that area.

“I believe there are more in the south but the north are also going to benefit because this is a country wide initiative. It is not just a southern concentration of jobs, there are going to be jobs created across the country.”

Research carried out by communications company Everything Everywhere, revealed that the push for 4G in the UK means that IT contractors with these specific skills could also find themselves in high demand.

The report found that 93 per cent of the businesses surveyed want 4G to be bought to the UK as soon as possible. 

The survey involved asking more than a thousand British business leaders, their views on Forth Generation of Cellular Communications (4G).  The research revealed that 94 per cent of respondents believe that the UK needs the latest Internet technology in order to remain competitive and protect jobs. 

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