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Contractor Attitude Survey January – June 2012

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 Contractor Attitude Survey Report: January – June 2012

A brief summary of the results include:

  • 57% said that contracting improved their work/life balance
  • 77% find being a contractor more satisfying than being an employee
  • Two thirds felt positive about the state of the contracting market
  • 86% have positive feelings about being a contractor
  • Three quarters are positive about the general outlook of the contractor market, despite almost a third saying they have seen rates being cut in the last six months
  • 47% have seen no change in rates, with just 18% seeing rates increase
  • 76% don’t miss the benefits of being an employee
  • Less than 7% would go back to permanent if an offer was made available
  • Less than 2% found their contract via LinkedIn
  • Fifth of all contractors found their contract via Jobserve, with a quarter catching up on their contractor news on the PCG website, closely followed by Contractor UK
  • 43% were less than satisfied with their recruiter

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