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Contractor Attitude Survey January – June 2013

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Contractor Attitude Survey January – June 2013

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 Contractor Attitude Survey Report: January – June 2013

A brief summary of the results include:

  • 72% said contracting has had a positive effect on their work/life balance – a 20% increase over 2012.
  • Over 9/10 are earning more as a contractor – this has been consistent across all three surveys.
  • 34% are in £500 – £700 per day contracts – this has increased by 13% year on year.
  • 73% feel postiive about the current state of the contracting market with 91% feeling positive about being a contractor overall.
  • Over 38% still use a recruitment agency to secure a contract – up from 36%.
  • 81% find contracting more satisfying than permenant employment – up from 77% a year ago.
  • 88% voted ‘higher rates of pay’ as the most enjoyable factor of being a contractor – up from 84%. Some of the other benefits included. . .

“No appraisals or performance reviews to deal with”

“Enhanced sense of achievement”

“More control over work and career choices”

“More responsibility and being treated with more respect”

“Absence of virtually all the ‘admin’ that went with being an employee”

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Contractor Attitude Survey Report: January – June 2012

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