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Contractor teachers expect improved take home pay

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A new report from Giant Group has found that supply teachers are expecting better pay over the next year, with 14% saying that better take home pay is the biggest factor in choosing contract work.

The latest research from Giant revealed that 70% of teachers working as contractors are expecting better pay over the following 12 months, which is up from 64% last year

Matthew Brown, Managing Director of Giant, said, “With a drop in the number of new graduates entering the teaching profession as well as an increase in existing permanent staff leaving the profession, a teacher shortage is being created.

“This shortage means plenty of opportunities have arisen for supply teachers over the last year, and these opportunities will continue in 2013.   Schools are increasingly in need of experienced supply teachers to plug staffing gaps, which is pushing teachers’ daily pay rates up.”

According to the findings, supply teachers are reporting shorter gaps between assignments, with 86% saying that they were waiting less than a month for their next job – this is up from 79% in 2011.

Matthew Brown explained, “Many teachers now see supply work as a great way to increase their income as well as improve their lifestyle, with over a quarter of supply teachers we questioned rating financial benefits as the biggest advantage when it comes to supply work.

“The supply teacher lifestyle has mostly maintained its appeal, with a greater sense of freedom still the most important reason for teachers to turn to supply work.  The recession has boosted financial concerns up teachers’ list of priorities at the expense of lifestyle attractions, but the appeal of an improved work-life balance is strong.”

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