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Contractors are more optimistic as economic recovery boosts business confidence

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Latest findings have revealed that contractors are becoming increasingly more optimistic about their job prospects. 

Findings from professional services consultancy Procorre, show that 57% of contractors are optimistic with regards to their prospects over the following year.

According to Procorre, contractors are feeling more positive due to the confidence felt by UK businesses – economic recovery has boosted business confidence, which has in turn resulted in firms spending more money on new projects, making them more likely to hire additional staff.

Lisa Mangan, Relationship Manager at Procorre, commented on the findings, “Some contractors have found opportunities hard to come by over the last year but the majority are feeling buoyant about the outlook for the next 12 months. 

“Project budgets were hit by the recession but as businesses start to increase spending, contractors should reap the benefits. Businesses are dusting down and investing in projects that were previously put on hold until they were in a more economically secure position.

“As businesses increase their spending there is a real feeling that the economy has turned the corner and there will be many more projects for contractors to get their teeth into.

“During the recession, some contractors felt insecure about their job prospects but the recovery is allowing contractors to be less wary and more hopeful for the year ahead.”

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