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Contractors could benefit from £2m manufacturing training centre

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A £2 million state-of-the-art manufacturing training centre could help those looking to become manufacturing or engineer contractors.

The manufacturers organisation, EEF, have recently opened the training centre, which will offer training for young people and apprentices, as well as development training for experienced workers, to ensure that they are equipped with the right skills for the future demands of modern engineering and manufacturing.

According to the EEF, this will, in turn, help with tackling the increasing skills challenges of an ageing workforce.

The UK is the world’s 8th largest manufacturer, currently employing 2.6 million people and accounting for 11% of GDP – this Midland’s based opening is being seen as a key step in securing the future of British manufacturing.

Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive at EEF, commented, “Young people are the future of manufacturing – their skills and talents are the lifeblood that allows British businesses to develop and grow. However, this lifeblood is still only trickling through when we need a strong and steady flow.

“This centre is an important step in encouraging youngsters into our sector so that we can start to close the skills gap. But apprenticeships aren’t just a ‘win’ for industry; they’re a ‘win’ for young people too – offering an opportunity to kick-start an exciting and rewarding career in a vibrant and dynamic sector. The more who take up this opportunity, the better it will be for manufacturing and the wider economy.”

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