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Contractors report length of time between contracts has decreased

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According to a new report based on accountancy and finance contractor’s average gap between contracts, the length of time has decreased quite significantly.

For many people, becoming a contractor can mean less security, however, this is not the case for the majority, as reported in the recent Giant Group research.

Of the accountancy and finance contractor’s that were surveyed, 81% said that the average length of the period between contracts was only 0-31 days, which is a 7% increase from last year’s report.

The report also found that just 5% were seeing a gap of over 90 days before starting their next contract – a decrease of 3%.

Managing Director of Giant Group, Matthew Brown, said, “The results suggest real positivity for contractors, despite a competitive market.

“A high proportion of respondents were seeing only a relatively short amount of time between contracts, suggesting that it’s becoming easier for contractors to find work.

“This greater job security is welcome news to accountancy and finance professionals, and the optimism is expected to continue throughout 2013.”

The recent SJD Accountancy Contractor Attitude Survey found similar results, as the report found that 90% of those surveyed were either currently in a contract, or just about to start one.

When asked how easy it was to secure their most recent contract, on a scale of 1 to 6 (with 1 as the easiest and 6 as the most difficult), 24% answered 1 and 23% said 2.  

To view the full report please visit: /news-centre/contractor-attitude-survey-july-december-2012

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