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Contractors would recommend their working lifestyle to a friend, finds new report

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According to a recent survey, contractors are content with their working lifestyle and would even recommend contracting to a friend.

The research, carried out by The Pulse Umbrella Group, found that 85% of the contractors surveyed would indeed encourage a friend to try out the lifestyle, due to the numerous benefits that come hand-in-hand with this way of working.

The report found that 46% of respondents said that they would recommend contracting due to the financial benefits, as 53% admit that the best thing about working for themselves, is that fact that they can make more money than what they could as a permanent employee.

However, money is not the only aspect that makes contracting so appealing, as 21% said that they also enjoyed the variety of work available.

Respondents were also extremely confident with regards to their future, as 72% said that they felt optimistic that their skills would remain in demand in the next six months; 56% think that contracting rates will stay the same in 2013, with 16% saying that they think they’ll increase.

CEO of The Pulse Umbrella Group, Chris Futcher, said, “Contractors are a committed and hardworking group who put their all into their jobs. They’re a great resource for businesses and an essential part of the UK economy. The flexibility they provide allows employers to respond to customer demand and remain competitive.”

“Clearly it’s key for contractors to keep their professional development up-to-date. But they do have an advantage in that they gain varied experience and skills in each placement.”

“Our survey shows that contractors enjoy it because they get to avoid endless office formalities and box-ticking exercises. What they’re really interested in is getting on with doing a great job,”

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