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The Internet is fast becoming the number one resource for promoting new businesses. Gone are the days (for most businesses) where handing out leaflets was the most effective way of promoting a business…unfortunately majority of these leaflets can be expensive and can quickly end up in the bin without people even reading them – not very cost effective.

The problem remains, some businesses set up their own website and wonder why they aren’t receiving the huge amount of visitors they thought they might.

Our helpful guide to Developing your Business Online offers helpful hints and tips for any type of business owner on what to do and what not to do when starting and developing your own website.

Click the following link to download your free guide to Developing your Business Online. These are just some of the topics touched on:

  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Necessary online applications
  • Social networking
  • Legal aspects…and more!

For more advice on developing your business visit our Free Business Downloads page. You may also find the following pages and guides useful:

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