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Freelancers advised on how to avoid back problems caused by desk-based work

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There are many limited company and freelancer professions that require you to have to sit at a desk for long periods of times, if not all day!

Just as permanent workers may suffer from back problems because of this, contractors may also find themselves suffering – even more so if they’re not giving themselves regular breaks…

Trusted expert and professional head of physiotherapy at Nuffield Health, Cabella Lowe, shares her wisdom with the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) on how to prevent back problems caused by desk-based work.

She explains that office workers are often sat down for most of their working day; this is very much the same story for many freelancers too.  Despite the fact that they may have more control of their working environment, having the right chair, desk height etc. might not be enough to prevent back issues.

Ms Lowe explains, “Even if you’ve got a really good workstation set up and a great chair, if you’re not moving about your spine is at risk.”

Luckily, for those who are self-employed, it’s usually much easier to be able to get up whenever you wish, as Ms Lowe recommends that people to stand up and take a stroll whenever they can.

She added, “General guidelines are for every hour you should get up and move about for five minutes – that’s one of the things that can prevent back pain in office workers.”

Other useful tips include setting your monitor’s top in line with your eyes when sitting, not to stoop when typing and keep the lower back curved and shoulder blades back as you sit.

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