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Freelancers could benefit from renewable energy project

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Contractors with specialist skills in the renewable energy sector may benefit from a recent Government announcement that over 40 different organisations are joining forces, to set out a long-term vision over the development of offshore wind in northern seas.

The new network – called norstec – was first announced by the Prime Minister at the Clean Energy Ministerial earlier this year in April; and the 40+ organisations joining forces include world-leading manufacturers, cutting-edge developers, supply-chain firms, researchers and industry-bodies.

Freelancers and limited company contractors with the necessary skills could see themselves in demand, as the renewable energy proposal will create many new job opportunities.

Prime Minister, David Cameron, said, “I continue to be strongly supportive of the UK offshore renewables sector and am delighted to see Norstec rising from the waves. As I said when I launched this network last April we are on the cusp of a second, clean energy revolution in the North Sea. Close collaboration between industry and government will be critical to making this happen.”

Edward Davey, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said, “The offshore wind industry represents a massive growth opportunity for the UK and our neighbours around the northern seas, bringing jobs and re-energising once thriving industrial heartlands on the East Coast and beyond.

“I am determined that we work closely with North Seas governments, businesses and academics to make the most of our plentiful offshore renewable resources.

“Norstec will help the offshore wind industry in the northern seas to grow and create a new industrial revolution, driving economic growth across this part of Europe. I’m delighted to see the potential for offshore wind deployment in the northern seas set out so clearly and vividly.”

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