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Gender pay gap evening out as more female contractors hired over men

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It seems that gender pay gap is no longer an issue amongst contractors, as new research has revealed that women are being offered more contracts than men.

A recent survey carried out by PeoplePerHour has found that female contractors are winning 58% of online work advertised, being paid an average rate of £22.43 per hour – whereas male contractors are earning an average hourly rate of £21.57.

PeoplePerHour, the online marketplace for the self-employed, revealed that the highest paid profession listed for both men and women was mobile app development – with women earning an extra £2 an hour than men at £37.

Other job role rate comparisons between the genders include:

  • Freelance translators (women earn an average of £22 per hour, men £18)
  • Administrators (women £11.50, men £8.50)
  • Social media (women £15, men £14)

The report also found that there was a significant difference in pay with regards to location, with female contractors based in Brighton, Bournemouth and Milton Keynes earning the highest percentage over men in the UK.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou of PeoplePerHour, said, “The growing mumpreneur trend has been bridging the gender pay gap in recent years and with the current boom of women taking the plunge into self-employment it’s no surprise they are out-earning men in some professions.”

“It would seem that online and remote work levels the playing field when it comes to earning ability which is at odds with the world of employment. Many women are taking advantage of this trend and taking self-employment to the next level, starting businesses and employing others, a trend that looks set to continue.”

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