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Government cyber security investment may benefit contractors

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Freelancers and limited company contractors with specialist security knowledge may see themselves more in demand, as the Government has announced information on the ‘Centre for Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building’.

The UK Government will be providing extra funding to set up a centre that will help with cyber security issues.

£2million a year will be invested into the Centre for Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building up until 2014, with the aim to improve international co-ordination, increase access to expertise and promote good governance online.

Francis Maude, minister for Cyber Security and the Cabinet Office, said, “The establishment of the Centre for Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building is another example of our commitment to international cooperation and desire to partner with academia and the private sector to ensure that initiatives are more accessible as our cyber-security skills grow.”

Foreign Secretary William Hague explained that some countries do not have the expertise to police their cyberspace, and so the new centre will also provide advice for them on how to secure systems.

He added, “The UK is therefore developing a centre of excellence and providing £2m a year to offer countries independent and bespoke advice on how to address this challenge. This practical initiative will help ensure that we make better use of the skills and resources available internationally.

“In an interconnected and interdependent world, it is only by ensuring the security of others that we can protect our own networks and our ability to log-on safely. It is in all our interests.”

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