How to Create a Productive and Organised Home Office

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Working from home is one of the many benefits contractors can enjoy. But living with personal and professional lives so closely entwined means that you can often fall victim to mess and clutter.

Organising your home office doesn’t have to be difficult and a few simple changes can give your productivity levels a boost.

Create a filing system for paperwork

Disorganised paperwork can cause a massive headache when tax return time comes around.  Keeping all of your financial documents in order is easy, inexpensive and can instantly help to declutter your workspace.

You don’t have to splash out on expensive storage furniture – simply investing in some folders can help to create a more organised space.

Consider childcare arrangements

If you have children, consider making childcare arrangements to help manage your schedule and increase your productivity. Having the time alone to focus on your work can keep your productivity up.

Establish your own routine

Though you’re free to work whenever suits you best, having an allotted time to start and finish for the day can help to increase your productivity. Sticking to a schedule every day can help you to manage your time more effectively and help you to make the distinction between your personal and professional life.

Deal with the small things straight away

It’s easy to let work pile up and before you know it, things can get out of hand. Instead of putting the small tasks off until later, aim to deal with them as quickly as possible. This could be something as simple as paying an invoice or filing a letter away, but it can make a big difference to your organisation and can help you to keep a clear head.

This advice also applies to your digital workspace – your inbox can fill up and if you leave things too long, you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Make use of email folders and set reminders to ensure everything is taken care of.

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