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A massive, nation-wide project to see the installation of millions of new smart meters could be a boon to electrical engineer specialists. Limited company contractors could be looking at an enormous opportunity for large-scale employment as the government unfurls its plans for over 53 million meters to be rolled out and installed by 2020.

The European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) has advised that such an ambitious target can only be achieved if an extra 6,500 electrical engineers with the required skills in meter removal, installation and testing are hired. The Director of ECTA Training, Dave Barry, stated: “The delivery of the smart meter rollout has called for the creation of a new breed of meter engineer”, something the flexible workforce could be more than able to provide.

It’s the technical and customer service skills set by Ofgem, the industry regulator at the heart of the project, that will be the main requirement to meet for aspiring contractors looking to take up the auspicious mantle. The installations within over 30 million businesses and homes will place contractors in a prime position to step forward and increase the value of their own contracts.

The smart meters themselves will allow for better, more efficient energy consumption management for both domestic and commercial customers. They will aid in reducing both bills and emissions, cutting harm to the environment and expenses alike.

This call to action follows a downward trend in workers versed in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skillsets, and comes alongside a call for more recruits into the engineering sector. For now though, the ambitious project is an opportunity for any electrical engineering contractor with the right skillset, if not for the lucrative nature, then as Mr Barry went on to say: “[it] provides opportunities for tradespeople to skill up in this area.”

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