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International freelance report reveals contractors’ positive attitude

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The international 2012 Freelance Industry Report has revealed that 92 per cent of contractors are happier now compared to when they first started freelancing.

The US report surveyed just over 1,400 freelancers from around the world delving into the earnings, habits and attitudes of more than 50 different professions.

The Freelance Industry Report, which has been launched as part of a US-organised International Freelancers Day held last week, showed that nearly 26% of the average US organisation’s workforce is contract based.

Paul James, Head of Commercial Development at the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), commented on the findings, “It is clear that choosing to freelance makes a real positive difference to quality of life. What is interesting for us at PCG is the areas we need to focus on to improve that still further.

“For example, the report found 37% of freelancers find landing work their biggest challenge, along with 10% who see it as maintaining a work/life balance. With our web resources, seminars and the upcoming National Freelancers Day on 21st November, we’re committed to helping freelancers in these key areas.”

One of the key findings also revealed that 28 per cent of respondents chose to become a contractor in order to have more freedom and flexibility.

This is very much supported by the recent FBS Group report, which found that becoming a contractor has become a life choice, rather than redundancy being the reason for freelancing.

The FBS report revealed that 68 per cent of the 1,600 participants were motivated to work as a freelancer because of the flexibility and choice, rather than through economic necessity; and 60 per cent of respondents intend to carry on contracting in the long run.

Matt Huddleston, Chief Financial Officer, FPS Group said, “Using contractors is very good for the UK economy as it allows companies to flex, bringing is specific skills as and when they need to.”

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