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IPSE urges Chancellor to consider independent professionals

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In the final week before the 2015 budget is announced, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed have made an effort to bring some of their key concerns to the Chancellor’s attention. As one of the main bodies which represents those who work for themselves, IPSE is keen to ensure that their members and the rest of the independent workforce get the support they need from government.

The number of people registering as self employed has increased steadily over recent months, and the contribution of those who have decided to set up their own businesses or work as freelancers has been vital to the healthy state of the economy. IPSE is keen to remind the Chancellor of the important role that independent professionals play when it comes to providing businesses with a flexible, skilled and experienced workforce when they need it most.

To this end, the organisation has set out some measures that it would like the Chancellor to consider when drawing up this year’s budget to enable freelancers, contractors and small business owners to thrive in the coming year.

These include a long-term commitment to overhauling the tax system in order to simplify the way that all tax is calculated and collected. This would help reduce costs for small businesses and save them a considerable amount of time and effort when it comes to the admin work involved. They have also requested tougher sanctions for companies who fail to pay independent professionals within a reasonable amount of time as well as a service to aid those caught in disputes with late- or non-payers.

Infrastructure is another area where IPSE have requested improvement, with broadband and transport both requiring significant investment in order to bring them up to standard, especially in rural areas where independent professionals are likely to rely more on both.

Maternity pay and pension structure are two more areas that IPSE would like to see reviewed in order to make them fairer and easier to access for those who work for themselves. They would also like training for self employed people to be treated differently under tax legislation to allow those who wish to the ability to gain new skills which would otherwise be unaffordable. 

Simon McVicker, IPSE’s Director of Policy and External Affairs is hoping that the government will take the opportunity that the Budget affords them to offer independent professionals some reassurance that their needs are being recognised. He believes that IPSE’s manifesto could provide a blueprint for a more successful economy in the future.

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