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Limited Company or Umbrella Company? New contractors app launched

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SJD Accountancy, the UK’s largest accountants for contractors with over 11,000 limited company contractors today launch their latest iPhone application – Limited Company or Umbrella Company?

This quick and easy to use app helps contractors, freelancers, consultants or interims to understand which solution – trading through their own Limited Company or working through an Umbrella Company might be best for them. By simply answering 10 ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions users are presented with the best solution based on the answers given.

It takes no more than 60 seconds to complete and offers every user the option to book a FREE one to one meeting at the touch of a button to understand their options in greater detail.

To download the application, visit the SJD Accountancy ‘Limited Company or Umbrella Company iPhone app’ page:


Or search ‘Limited or Umbrella’ on their iPhone in the App Store.

This is the second iPhone app from SJD Accountancy who in 2009 launched their iPhone Contractor Tax Calculator which went on to be voted one of the top 100 business applications.

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