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Visit the following link to view the video cast: /about/linkedIn_for_contractors.html

New LinkedIn video podcast launched to help Contractors make the most of LinkedIn.

With over 90 million users on LinkedIn, and still growing, LinkedIn can be a powerful channel for contractors to show case their skills and experience, but only if done correctly.

What originally started out as an idea in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman, later launched in May 2003. A year later LinkedIn hit its first millionth member and today is considered the top ‘business orientated social networking site’ all over the world increasing business opportunities for Contractors and Small Businesses.

Most Contractors understand the potential of LinkedIn and keep their profiles updated regularly, but there are many ways to further improve your chances of success. This is why SJD Accountancy, the UK’s largest accountancy firm to Contractors and Freelancers, with over 10,000 contractor clients, teamed up with the social business experts at Bright Beehive to create a complete FREE step by step video podcast specifically for contractors who want to make the most of LinkedIn.

The video cast offers advice on:

  • Winning business proactively using LinkedIn search facilities (Job, People and Company).
  • The value of a high visibility profile so that you can be found by clients looking for your skills.
  • Developing a highly visible profile by:
    • Having a complete profile and updating your status regularly.
    • Participating in LinkedIn Groups and Questions and Answers.
    • Having a large network – with tips on how to grow your network fast.

Cormac, co-owner of Bright Beehive, commented “We were very excited to be commissioned by SJD Accountancy to develop a comprehensive video cast on how to make the most out of LinkedIn as a Contractor. There is very little information on the subject, and with so many people choosing contracting now, due to the reduction in full time permanent roles, the timing couldn’t be better. We are confident that this video cast will be hugely helpful and extremely popular within the contracting community.”

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