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Majority of freelancers work on client site rather than at home

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A recent Professional Contractors Group poll has revealed that the majority of freelancers spend their working day on client site. 

The PCG report found that out of the contractor’s surveyed, more than half spend their working hours on the location of their current client’s site.

The poll also revealed that 32% of freelancers work from home, despite many people believing this to be the main location for most contractors.

Contrary to popular belief, it seems that on-site engagements are the ‘norm’, with 58% of contractors choosing this type of setting.

This choice of location may help freelancers who have problems with procrastinating; to help them get into ‘work mode’, as the PCG recently advised the self-employed on how to avoid the many distractions associated with working from home.

These included tips such as ensuring they get dressed properly in the mornings to get into a better frame of mind for the working day, as well as avoiding the distraction of social sites, television and housework…

The survey also found that a small amount of PCG members use less common modes of working.  Four per cent use a ‘workhub’ for a change of scenery and 3% were found to rent a small office space to themselves.

Out of those polled, a small group of just 3% found a slightly unusual, yet more cost affective place to work, in an office shared with other independent professionals.

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