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More opportunities for contractors in core disciplines

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The need for qualified and experienced contractors in sectors such as IT and oil and gas has been much publicised as a result of the issues surrounding the skills gap which is making it hard or recruiters to find appropriate candidates for the roles they are being asked to fill. However, it has emerged that there are also a number of opportunities in other core sectors, including engineering, marketing, media and construction, all of which are experiencing accelerated growth.

Investment in infrastructure and ongoing economic growth have both contributed to the fact that many companies are looking to expand their operations and take on new clients. This has created a demand for contractors to take on some of the roles which such expansion creates, meaning that those with relevant qualifications could see their skills being valued at higher rates than before.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation conducted a report in February which highlighted the fact that a number of media and marketing roles are becoming available to those who have the necessary skills in order to enable businesses to take advantage of the buoyancy of the market. The sharp increase in the number of infrastructure projects has created a need for a number of engineers and construction workers who will be required to carry out the work being planned.

Initiatives such as HS2 and a number of house-building projects have upped the need for those with construction or engineering experience, and a failure to recruit appropriate personnel could result in delays in completion in a worst case scenario. Marketing and customer services roles are also becoming harder and harder to fill, but the good news is that demand for these roles demonstrates a degree of confidence in the economy amongst businesses that are responding to an increase in demand for their services.

With businesses competing to fill their existing roles with the cream of the contracting crop, those who have the relevant skills and experience to fill them could find themselves in a better position to negotiate top rates for their time. Indeed, contractor agency billings have seen a stark increase over recent weeks, which have been partly as a result of elevated rates due to limited candidate availability.

Although core disciplines may not be at the top of the contractor league table at the moment, this is more due to concomitant increases in demand for contractors and temps in sectors such as nursing and secretarial roles, rather than being indicative of a lack of demand.

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