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Great news for contractors, as a new study has revealed that the number of UK businesses hiring temporary workers has increased by an incredible 51% in the last year.

The quarterly Global Online Employment Report, carried out by Elance, tracks the hiring patterns of businesses and the earnings of contractors, and in the second quarter of 2013 the report tracked more than 13,500 hires.

The Elance survey not only revealed that hiring within the sector has grown, but it has also shown that there has been a 47% year-on-year rise in contractor rates of pay, with hourly wages 19% higher than the national average.

According to the findings, those working in IT and programming are the most in demand sector, representing 35% of all contractor hires.  This was closely followed by the design and multimedia industry (25%) and writing and translation (23%).

The engineering and manufacturing sector saw the biggest year-on-year rise in demand (by 173%), followed by sales and marketing (87%) and administrative support (85%).

Kjetil Olsen, Elance VP of Europe, said the demand for contractors was echoing the UK’s wider economic recovery.

He said, “There are more employers, hiring more freelancers across a wider range of jobs.

“For some, this is about managing short-term demand for talent and de-risking growth, but it’s also evident that for tens of thousands of UK businesses, retaining freelancers as an integral part of their talent mix is becoming an essential strategy.”

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