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More UK engineers needed for economic recovery

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Freelancers and limited company contractors in the engineering sector could benefit from a latest report taken from the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng).

The report, Jobs and growth: the importance of engineering skills to the UK economy, has found that the UK will need as many as 1.25 million people in engineering, science, technology and mathematics jobs within the next eight years so as to support the economic recovery.

The results show that the combined replacement and expansion demand for science, engineering and technology (SET) occupations will be 830,000 SET professionals and 450,000 SET technicians, but this is merely to maintain the industry on an even keel rather than to support strong growth.

Around 80 per cent of these people will be in engineering and technology-related roles.

Contractors with specialist skills in these areas could be called upon in order to fill the gap, as demand for the industry continues to grow.

Professor Matthew Harrison, Director of Engineering and Education at the Academy, and author of the report, explained, “As rising wages and wide distribution of SET occupations in the economy show, Stem qualifications are portable and valuable. All young people should have access to them as a means of social mobility and to strengthen the economy.

“Their importance to both individuals and the economy justifies a history of government intervention to address the shortage of people with Stem qualifications.”

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