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New government urged to make good use of consultants

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Fresh off the back of another hotly contested awards season, the Management Consultancies Association have turned their attention to the potential for their members to make valuable contributions to the newly formed Conservative government. This year’s MCA awards featured a number of public sector projects which was a welcome return to form after spending cuts in 2010 and 2011 led to significantly fewer projects utilising some of the workforce’s most valuable assets.

Matthew Hancock’s appointment to the Cabinet Office, where he will be responsible for the reform of both the civil service and the government’s procurement practices, has been welcomed by those who want to see best practice in place to make use of the department’s budget in the most effective manner. George Osborne has already confirmed that Mr Hancock has his full confidence, meaning that he will be able to forge a more joined-up relationship between the Cabinet Office and the Treasury.

There will be continued pressure to reduce the deficit whilst, at the same time, the public will be hoping to see an improvement in the quality and availability of the services available to them. This will mean that there will be scrutiny over how money is spent, whether good value for money is achieved and therefore, whether bringing in consultants can be justified. However, with so many qualified consultants out there and an increasing need for the government to effect significant reform, there should be plenty of opportunities available to those with the skills to bring about real change.

With some fundamental changes to be made in some of the largest organisations, including the tax system and the NHS, there will be a vast need for those who have the skills needed to make the changes effective and efficient. It is expected that there will be huge leaps forward when it comes to the move towards digitisation, particularly when it comes to making processes more efficient and engaging with service users.

To this end, the MCA will be liaising with the Crown Commercial Service in order to improve the means by which consulting is procured. The goal is to ensure that both parties gain as much as possible from their working relationships.

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