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Over a million IT contractors can’t be wrong

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If ever there was a reason to consider contracting as your next career move this is it! Recent research by the PCG shows that 574,000 of the country’s 1.4 million freelancers are IT contractors, and the vast majority of those contract through their own limited companies.
Compared to a decade ago many companies, and especially those in the financial sector, are relying more heavily on IT contractors than at any time in the past.

The two key issues of improving information security and developing cloud computing technologies are highest on the corporate agenda, and these are both areas in which IT contractors can add serious value as they bring real-world skills from previous contracts, rather than having been stuck in the same roles within one organisation for many years. In addition, the dramatic increase in the use of mobile technologies over the same decade has led to opportunity for IT professionals with expert knowledge in devising mobile applications being in very high demand.

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