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PCG poll indicates that now is the time for freelancers and contractors to really shine

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According to the results of a recent PCG poll – budget cuts and subsequent job losses have led to a situation where flexible expertise that comes with ‘minimal risk’ will be needed to fill the void. This can come from established freelancers and contractors, or from people who choose to embrace freelancing or contracting after being made redundant. The PCG thinks that flexible working is a key factor in working our way back to economic fitness in the UK and Reed’s research – showing openings in the IT sector specifically at a 14 month high – backs this positive message.

The poll, which asked PCG members what direction they thought freelance opportunities were going in, showed that 70% of respondents felt the market was either holding steady or better, with 45% feeling that it was definitely picking up. The PCG has said it is pleased that the results are a positive indicator for the freelance sector. Taking on board this positive message, the Group is looking to develop some more comprehensive figures. So, as part of its 2011 research programme, it is in the process of commissioning an independent benchmarking survey to include the freelance job market and its future outlook.

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