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Renewable energy contractors in demand across Europe

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Contractors working in renewable energy will be pleased to learn that the number of new positions in the sector are continuing to rise in Europe over the next few years.

Findings from international professional consultancy Procorre have revealed that renewable energy 2020 targets have meant that countries are trying to reach their targets as soon as possible.

A number of EU countries, including the UK, France and the Netherlands, are falling behind their targets for renewable energy consumption, which has resulted in the call for taking on additional highly skilled professionals, such as contractors.

Lisa Mangan, Relationship Manager at Procorre, said, “As new technologies are developed, the use of resources, such as biomass, is becoming more efficient and economically viable.

“I would expect to see huge growth in the number of new roles for contractors in this area throughout Europe.

“Politicians have long talked about increased production of renewable energy creating a growth in the jobs market. Contractors throughout Europe are already benefitting from that growth of the renewable energy industry.”

Lisa also explained that many countries based in Northern Europe, are currently attracting international contractors with the right skills after investing a great deal the renewable energy industry.

She added, “With renewable energy resources accounting for such a high proportion of energy consumption in several Scandinavian countries, many contractors are already taking advantage of this relatively mature jobs market.”

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