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Sevenfold increase in use of freelancers by public sector

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Recent figures published by show that the public sector has responded to cutbacks by using freelancers in record numbers. The figures for digital freelancers are particularly striking – with invoicing on for public sector digital projects so far this year being seven times higher than it was in the same period last year. Overall, across all sectors in the past 12 months says it has seen a 315% increase in the number of digital job postings including web design, database development and SEO.

According to founder and CEO, Xenios Thrasyvoulou, the public sector is finally waking-up to the cost-saving potential of outsourcing to freelancers. He said: “When the recession hit, the private sector was quick to respond to the new economic reality by shedding permanent staff and engaging freelancers instead. Thousands of UK businesses quickly realized this was the best way to stay lean and remain solvent in the face of testing economic conditions. The public sector had no such imperative and continued employing and retaining fulltime staff. However, since the Government started slashing budgets, the public sector has been forced to find a more cost effective and efficient approach to human resources. It’s clear from our figures that the public sector has learnt a lot from the private sector about the benefits of using freelancers.”

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