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Skills crisis could prove profitable for IT contractors

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The much-talked about skills crisis is in the news again this week as it appears that recruiters are finding that there are an ever increasing number of roles to be filled in the IT sector. Businesses which are having trouble finding and keeping experienced and qualified staff are relying more and more in recruiters to see out those who might have the expertise to fill such roles effectively.

The last two years have seen an ongoing increase in the level of demand for temporary professional roles in the IT sector, and in spite of a slight decrease in the demand for IT contractors towards the end of 2014, this was probably due to seasonal demand rather than a change in the trend. The rallying in the number of roles available which occurred in early 2015 has demonstrated the likelihood that the slow down was not a sign of things to come. All industry projections show that the chances are there will be an increase in the number of roles available throughout 2015.

With a third of recruitment company clients identifying a need for more staff in order to take on more work, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s JobsOutlook survey has shown that the going is good for contractors seeking work. The same period in 2014 saw only a quarter of businesses seeking to recruit, so the increase in demand has been significant.

The bigger picture for these figures is the problem of the pressure on businesses who are simply unable to expand to meet the growing demand for their services. End clients are finding it increasingly difficult to take advantage of the buoyant economic climate which has proved beneficial to businesses with the capacity to meet demand. The only way for companies to realise their potential is to increase the resources available for hiring, and the same report revealed that nearly half of the respondents were intending to hire temporary workers to enable them to access specialist skills in the short term.

However, the lack of those seeking jobs to fill these roles is becoming more and more of a concern for both end clients and the recruiters working for them. Some of the skills that have been in particularly high demand in recent months include .Net, Java and SQL have all featured in the lists of skills that are suffering most from short supply.

This means that those in possession of such skills will be able to negotiate better rates for their services in the coming months, so IT contractors can make hay while the sun shines and gain valuable experience in the process.

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