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Summer Budget should show support for the self employed

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One firm who support freelancers has called for Mr Osborne to put single person businesses on the agenda when he reveals his plans, in the hope that greater political support will make it easier for those who work for themselves to get ahead.

Darren Fell has voiced his opinion that the self-employed should receive more recognition and support from the government in order to allow them to compete in a world that increasingly relies on the flexible workforce to support both large and small businesses.

Mr Fell’s voice joins those of a number of different bodies who have expressed their desire to see the independent workforce better represented when it comes to policy-making and financial decisions. Some of the recently-elected government’s election pledges have given them hope, particularly those which have already been put into places such as the re-appointment of David Morris as the freelancer tsar and the pledge on his part to review the workability of IR35.

However, there is a long way to go before the playing field has been levelled for small businesses and the self-employed. This means that the Chancellor’s Budget announcement due on Wednesday is hotly anticipated by those who hope it will signal a continued move towards a system which is easier for freelancers, contractors and all other independent professionals.

Evidence for the important role that independent professionals play in the economy has come from figures released recently which show that freelancers in 10 of the 11 major regions of the UK are earning more than they did two years ago. Those in the North East have increased their income by 46 per cent, meaning a take-home pay hike from £187 per day to £273. Rates all over the country have risen, apart from the East Midlands, where the decrease in earnings is just 1.3 per cent.

Anyone considering a career as a contractor, freelancer or small business owner can use our take home pay calculator to work out what they could be earning, and have a look at our Free 60 page guide to running your own limited company which covers many of the issues that you might face when you work for yourself.

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