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Technology ‘hyper specialists’ cut costs for SMEs

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Most SMEs are constantly on the look-out for ways to save money on their bills, whether that it regular outgoings or the one-off costs of work that they need doing to keep their businesses up and running. One of the main outgoings that any business has is spending on technical support, and many companies feel as though short-term contractors are an expensive resource and that they keep their clients locked their services in order to keep the funds coming.

However, online freelance marketplace PeopleperHour has conducted a survey which suggests that the individuals that they are calling ‘hyper-specialists’ because of their advanced skills sets are actually saving small businesses money. Freelancers in the technology sector are able to offer the benefit of their expertise for lower costs because of their smaller overheads, meaning that they can save a business as much as 75 per cent for their services.

The increased availability of workers who offer highly specialised skills means that businesses can find a specialist to complete a specific part of a bigger project. This means that they benefit from expert advice at reasonable prices as well as being able to increase their capacity at times when they need it without having to commit to employing staff long term if they aren’t sure the investment is justified.

The web development and mobile sectors are showing the biggest growth with this type of job coming up 37 times more frequently in the last six months than they were in 2007. Web and mobile projects are also being completed at a faster rate than any other on the site, taking an average of 3.3 days to be finished which is around the same length of time as design projects, but faster than marketing or writing projects.

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