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UK Contractors: Manchester job opportunities on the rise

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Contractors in Manchester will be pleased to hear that thanks to a digital boom, the city’s jobs market is continuing to thrive. 

Research from digital jobs board Bubble Jobs, revealed that last year it advertised around 4,500 new vacancies in Manchester, which represents just over 8% of the total jobs advertised on the site.

This will come as great news to those based in Manchester, especially due to the fact that a recent report from the Centre for Cities claimed that the city was ‘under-performing’.  However, according to this latest research, this doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Adam Butwilowski, Bubble Jobs Managing Director, explained further, “Over the last 12 months, we’ve definitely seen an influx of digital vacancies in the Manchester area as major brands like Bupa Health and Wellbeing and Accenture continue to expand their digital presence in the city.

“In terms of the digital vacancies advertised in Manchester last year on Bubble, there’s certainly been a mix of roles right across the sector, suggesting the city’s digital industry is incredibly diverse and employers are looking for talent across all areas of the industry.”

The Little Black Book Recruitment Agency director Gareth Wright also commented,  “Manchester is a strong hub of digital evangelism and talent, and this is recognised throughout the UK.

“The BBC moving here has had a positive influence on the area, as has the improved quality of creative work that is leaving Manchester – we have a number of Manchester (agency) clients who often pitch and win against a roster of London agencies, which can only be a good thing!” 

Director of Success Digital, Deepak Saluja, added, “Whilst London maybe the melting pot for Digital, it has to be said that Manchester has firmly put itself on the map with the emergence of high profile brands. 

“With the transformation of Manchester ‘City’ coupled with these exciting chic digital brands, we haven’t had too much trouble in finding local talent or those who may want to relocate. It’s fast becoming a true ‘Global Digital hub.”

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