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According to a new report, Americans are more likely to work on holiday than Europeans.

How many contractors find themselves, no matter how much they don’t want to, having to work while they’re on holiday?  This is most likely to be quite a high percentage, especially for those who trade through their own Limited company.

The recent global Monster poll surveyed 4,000 people through their website, simply asking the question, ‘If asked to work during a vacation, how often is acceptable and would not be cause for seeking another job?’

Interestingly, 45% of the respondents find it unacceptable to be asked to work while on vacation.  Just 11% said that they wouldn’t mind being asked and would work during any holiday.

Of the Europeans surveyed, 57% said that they would never find it acceptable to be asked to work while on a break away, while only 37% of North Americans felt this way.

Looking at the variations in European’s answers, 73% of respondents in Germany said that they would never find it okay to work on holiday, while only 35% of French and 39% of UK respondents agreed.

Career Advice Expert for, Mary Ellen Slayter, commented, “Some of us feel the need to stay connected to our workplace even when we’re on vacation.  When you take the time to clear your mind of business issues, you gain a better perspective on them when you return to the office.

“Additionally, when you go on vacation and know the office won’t contact you, you can enjoy yourself more – your spouse and children want and deserve your undivided attention when you’re on a family vacation.

“Use your vacation as it was intended. You, your coworkers and your family will all reap the benefits.”

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