Contractor Attitude Survey July - December 2012

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The survey provides a unique insight into the contractor market between July and December 2012 and also some interesting comparisons to the previous survey between January and June 2012.

 Contractor Attitude Survey Report: July - December 2012  

A brief summary of the results include:

  • 74% saw their daily rate ‘increase’ or remain ‘unchanged’, with only 21% seeing their rate reduce - a reduction of 9% from the last survey.
  • 13% more said that contracting has improved their work/life balance - an increase from 57% to 70%.
  • Only 11% said contracting has had a negative effect on their work/life balance - 7% less than last time.
  • 86% have seen their most recent contract extended - up 3% in only six months.
  • 19% found their contract directly with the end client - a 5% increase on the last survey.
  • 63% have had a positive experience with recruiters - up 6% from June 2012.
  • Contractors overall feeling towards being a contractor increased by 6%.

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