Interim Management within Food and Drink

How big is the UK Food and Drink market?

The UK Food and Drink industry - described frequently from field to fork, or less colloquially described as from primary production and manufacturing through to retail and food service - is respected throughout the world for its high standards and innovation. Well-known UK brands can be found worldwide, and the strength of the UK industry in producing supermarket own-label products is recognised by the world's leading retailers. 

How many interim managers work in the food industry?

Estimates are upwards of 5,000 interims.

I have no food and drink experience so can I work in the sector?

Undoubtedly there are certain roles that require particular skills and previous experience, the easiest example will be perhaps a development chef who must have previous knowledge. However, for general management, logistics, manufacturing, engineering, and perhaps even technical, if you can prove knowledge of fast paced experience in a related sector, perhaps still supplying the retailers or foodservice sectors you have every opportunity to be successful. 

What is the definition of an Interim?

Focus interim is one of the UK's leading Food and Drinks recruiters, would define interims in two ways. The professional highly skilled individual with proven interim experience who has a track record of interim assignments with a variety of clients. Equally they see interims as those who have perhaps been made redundant who want to fill their time prior to another full time role. Often derided by the professional interims these individuals have often been very successful working on an assignment where they bring specific skills and experience to the table.

Focus interim are able to assist candidates who need support and guidance of rates, how to get paid, indemnity insurance etc.

Typical rates of pay for interim managers

This market is very open ended but most of our interims tend to start at £250 per day and depending on previous experience and, of course, the market, can charge up to £1500 a day and more at the top end.

Finding a job as an Interim Manager?

All interim managers will have their own 'black book' of contacts and build this network as they move through their career. They also work with consultancies and in some instances, a long-standing relationship has been built up with individuals who move from assignment to assignment with us. 

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