IR35 Reviews for Public Sector Contracts

In April 2017, tax changes were made which meant that public sector contractors were no longer in charge of determining their own IR35 status. The decision instead fell to the end client to decide whether the contractor was inside or outside.

This change has caused some confusion amongst limited company directors who may have been previously deemed as outside IR35. In this event, an easy way to determine your status is by performing an IR35 review.

What is IR35?

IR35 is a tax legislation which was established to stop contractors working as disguised permanent employees - benefiting from the tax advantages of being a contractor without accepting the responsibilities of company ownership. If disguised workers are deemed to be inside, they will be subject to the same income tax and National Insurance contributions as if they were employed.  

What is the IR35 review?

As the rules governing the status of IR35 can be complicated, the review is used to determine whether your contract falls inside or outside. If you believe that you have been incorrectly placed inside IR35, our review service can provide a second opinion. 

Your accountant can calculate this for you and will also provide you with all of the information about how the process works along the way. 

You can visit the HMRC page on IR35 deemed payment for further reference. 

IR35 contract review service

IR35 can be a confusing subject for even the most experienced contractors, but SJD has a solution thanks to our review service. Our written contract review is unique - not only do we offer a guaranteed next day reply we only charge for the review if we believe that your contract would fall outside IR35.  

The review will tell you in detail why we think your contract has passed or failed. If your contract has failed, we will offer constructive advice as to how you may restructure your assignment and contract.

For clients and IPSE members, we charge £150 plus VAT for the review. For non-clients or non-IPSE members, the fee is £200 plus VAT. 

We can also offer ongoing accountancy support and if you need to supply any evidence of payments of your tax obligations, we can help you to provide the documentation. Our complete business package covers all your company needs and personal tax affairs for a fixed fee starting from £120 plus VAT per month. Visit our packages page for more details. 

Apply for your IR35 review

To take advantage of our IR35 review service, email a copy of your contract along with your company name and address to

Alternatively, if you have any further questions about IR35 or our accountancy package, please call one of our New Business Team 01442 275789.

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