Limited Company Registered Office

At SJD Accountancy, we aim to make the process of becoming a limited company director as straight forward as possible. That’s why we also provide a registered office service, whereby you can use our address here at SJD Accountancy when you form your limited company. Doing this has a host of benefits which we’ll look at below. 

Do I need a registered office address? 

In short, yes. It is a legal requirement for companies formed in the UK to have an address where physical documents can be mailed to. You will be asked to provide a registered office address as part of the limited company formation process. 

Where can I use as my registered office? 

Any full UK address with a postcode can be used as your registered office address. This could be your office address (if you work away from home), your home address or your accountant. PO Box numbers cannot be used as an office address but the full postal PO Box address could be used. 

What is the benefit of using SJD Accountancy as my registered office? 

Dealing with business correspondence is, although routine, an important part of successful contracting, particularly when dealing with HMRC and Companies House documents. When choosing to use SJD Accountancy as your registered office address, we will receive all company mail and process it for you on your behalf, making you aware of any urgent information either by telephone or email. Not only this, but your accountant can directly action HMRC and Companies House documents, saving you from the hassle of postal administration. 

For SJD Premium clients, our registered office address service is included in your fixed monthly fee. If you’re an SJD Essential client, this service costs £100+VAT per annum. For more details, please visit our packages page, send an email to or give us a call on 01442 275789