Becoming a Contractor

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Taking that first step and deciding to become a contractor is an exciting time and there are lots of new changes on the horizon. You’re in charge of finding work and managing your own finances, so there’s plenty to think about.

Being a new contractor can be a busy time, but help is at hand. To help make the transition easy and seamless, we’ve put together some information with everything you need to know in the early days. Whether you’re wondering what the benefits of becoming a contractor are or you’re looking for something a little more hands-on like how to form your own company, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing a Limited Company Name

Benefits of Having an Accountant

The Benefits of Contracting

Choosing an Accountant

Accountants for Contractors

Difference Between Contractor, Freelancer and Consultant

A contractor or Permanent Employee?

DIY Accounting

Do I Need an Accountant?

First Timer Guide

Fixed Fee Accountants

How Contracting Works

How Much Can I Earn as a Contractor?

How to Become a Contractor

How to Contract

Limited vs Umbrella

Online Accounting Software

Online Contractor Accountants

How to Pay Less Tax

Permanent to Contracting

Sole Traders

Take Home Pay Examples

Setting Up as a Freelancer

Sole Trader vs Limited Company

The Reality of Life as a Contractor

Freelance Accounting

Finding Freelance Work

Life as a First Time Contractor

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Marketing Yourself as a Contractor

Anyone considering freelance work must have enough experience in their…

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Our Customer Promise

Everything we do for you has one purpose – to…

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Contracting at Commerzbank

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Can I Do My Own Accounts? And iXBRL Format

You may also find our article on DIY Accounting helpful. Well, of…

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Contracting at AXA

Contracting at AXA As one of France’s most successful investment…

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Permanent to Contracting using an Umbrella Company

Whatever industry you work in there are many benefits to…

finding a contract

Contractor’s Guide to Finding a Contract

What’s the best way to find a contract?  Here at…

Limited vs Umbrella Guide and Video

Limited Company vs. PAYE Umbrella: The Ultimate Guide

Not sure how best to set up? In this guide…

Chess Knight Piece Moving Forward

Moving from Permanent to Contracting

If you are thinking about making the transition from permanent…

do i need an accountant?

Do I Need an Accountant?

As a client of SJD Accountancy, all your company needs…

online accounting software

Online Accounting Software

Do you need to buy bookkeeping software as well as…

contracting through your own limited company

Fixed Fee Accounting for Contractors

Many people take out pet insurance so that, should their…

accountant benefits

Benefits of Having an Accountant

What do you get out of getting an accountant? We…

Online Accountants – And Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

Let’s be clear, an online accountant is a piece of…

becoming a contractor

Contractor or Permanent Employee?

Uncertain if making the move into contracting is for you?…

contracting for jaguar

Contracting at Jaguar

As one of the UK’s most iconic car manufacturers, the…

contracting at hsbc

Contracting at HSBC

HSBC is not just one of the UK’s best-known banks,…


Contracting at RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland)

RBS, or the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, is…

contracting for barclays

Contracting at Barclays

As one of Britain’s best known multinational banks, Barclays has…

contractor factsheet

Becoming a Contractor Factsheet

 Becoming a Contractor Fact Sheet

contractor or soletrader

Sole Trader or Limited Company

We get asked this question all the time and there…

starting as a freelancer

Setting up as a freelancer, what’s it really like?

Even after more than 10 years of being a freelancer,…

life as a contractor

Reality of Life as a Contractor

It is not hard to see the appeal of becoming…

getting the best contractor rates

Getting The Best Rates as a Contractor

There are two broad approaches to getting the best rates,…

contractor rates

Take Home Pay Examples

Steve is using an umbrella company that charges him a…

first time contractor

Life as a First Time Contractor

I spent several years contracting as a data analyst for…

choosing limited company name

Choosing a Limited Company Name

Trading through your own limited company means that it is…

how to contract

How to Contract Through Your Own Limited Company

Running your own Limited Company is actually very straightforward. Step…

how to become a contractor

How to Become a Contractor

If you're thinking about becoming a contractor, read our guide…

how contracting works

Guide to How Contracting Works

Contracting in a sector of work you feel passionate about…

being a consultant

Guide to Being a Consultant

If you are looking to be a consultant (or are…

contracting through your own limited company

Seven Secrets to Optimising Your Income

Freedom . . . being your own boss . .…

how much can i earn as a contractor

How Much Can I Earn as a Contractor?

One of the most important questions for contractors when they…

benefits of contracting

The Benefits of Contracting

Thinking about going self-employed? There's lots to love about working…

permanent to contracting

Contractor’s Guide to Moving from Permanent to Contracting

Top tips on what, why, when, how and in what…

choosing an accountant

Choosing an Accountant

Financial support is essential when working for yourself. Find out…

pay less tax

Guide to Paying Less Tax

As a contractor, taxes can be a tedious process. We're…

diy accounting

DIY Accounting

Do It Yourself accounting is simply doing your accountants yourself.…

paying less tax

Contractor Rate Checker

Deciding what to charge as your contractor day rate can…

Business Structures

Business Structures

Being self-employed means you will need to consider the different…