Becoming a Contractor

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Taking that first step and deciding to become a contractor is an exciting time and there are lots of new changes on the horizon. You’re in charge of finding work and managing your own finances, so there’s plenty to think about.

Being a new contractor can be a busy time, but help is at hand. To help make the transition easy and seamless, we’ve put together some information with everything you need to know in the early days. Whether you’re wondering what the benefits of becoming a contractor are or you’re looking for something a little more hands-on like how to form your own company, we’ve got you covered.

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Finding Work As an IT Contractor

After working for years as a project manager in an IT department for a small company, I decided I was fed up being tied to my desk all day everyday…

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Marketing Yourself as a Contractor

Anyone considering freelance work must have enough experience in their chosen field in order to sell their services credibly as a freelancer. But beyond that, the most vital thing is…

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Our Customer Promise

Everything we do for you has one purpose – to make your business life as simple and rewarding as possible.  Our aim is to put you, our client, at the…

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Can I Do My Own Accounts? And iXBRL Format

You may also find our article on DIY Accounting helpful. Well, of course, you can! If you’re an accountant yourself, or if you’re some kind of maths whizz that also happens to…

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Contracting at AXA

Contracting at AXA As one of France’s most successful investment banks, AXA also deals with insurance and retirement plans, asset management and wealth management. Their reputation may be global, but…

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Permanent to Contracting using an Umbrella Company

Whatever industry you work in there are many benefits to working as a contractor, which may tempt full time employees to make the move. If you are considering leaving permanent…

Contractor holding out their hand to prospective client looking to find a contract

Contractor’s Guide to Finding a Contract

So, you’ve made the jump to self-employment – but what’s next? Besides doing all the admin that comes with setting up a limited company in the UK, you will also…

Sketched man weighing up the options of choosing between contracting through a Limited Company or Umbrella Company

Limited Company vs. PAYE Umbrella: The Ultimate Guide

Not sure how best to set up? In this guide we evaluate the differences between a limited company & umbrella company, as well as the potential benefits & drawbacks to…

Chess Knight Piece Moving From Permanent Employment to Self Employment

Moving from Permanent to Contracting

If you are thinking about making the transition from permanent employee to self-employed, our guide breaks down what to expect as you jump into the world of contracting.

Calculating tax and expenses with a ledger, a calculator and a laptop can be very confusing leading contractors to ask if they need an accountant

Do I Need an Accountant?

As a client of SJD Accountancy, all your company needs and personal tax affairs are covered by our complete business package for a fixed fee starting from £120 plus VAT per month. Check our…