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As one of the UK’s most iconic car manufacturers, the Jaguar name is a prestige brand which makes it very popular amongst contractors as well as those in the market for a new vehicle. Whilst the company is currently owned by Tata Motors, which is based in India, its headquarters is based in Whitley, near Coventry.

The company made an announcement in 2013 that there are plans to open a new centre for research and development in Warwick, which will employ over 1,000 engineers and academics, which could be good news for contractors hoping to find work with the company. Their goal of pioneering the next generation of technology to be used in vehicles will mean that there will be plenty of demand for workers with relevant skills, as well as those who will be required to complete the construction of the centre.

This is in addition to the 25,000 employees that they employ in their six UK locations: Castle Bromwich, West Midlands; Gaydon, Warwickshire; Halewood, Merseyside; Solihull, West Midlands; Whitley, Coventry and Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

As an internationally renowned business, Jaguar has roles including everything from engineering specialists to property managers, including employees who are responsible for IT, logistics, manufacturing and office management. Whatever your area of expertise, there is almost certainly a position which could utilise your skills.

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Offering competitive rates and a wide variety of positions, a contracting job at Jaguar could be a great career move in more ways than one. From their global headquarters to design and testing centres as well as manufacturing and shipping, Jaguar’s equipment and facilities are state of the art, offering opportunities to become familiar with some of the most cutting edge technology in the world.

Their recruitment website has details of the various qualities they look for in their employees, so it’s well worth checking out before applying for a role there. There is a section for hints and tips on applying for jobs which contains advice on their recruitment process, including recommendations on how to complete the application form, information about their interview process and ideas on what they are looking for from a successful applicant. You may also find SJD’s Contractor Careers Centre useful, with information and advice on; writing your CVinterview tips and negotiating your best contract rate.

For contractors looking for work in the automotive industry, there are a number of recruiters such as and C E Automotive Ltd who specialise in placing candidates into roles within a range of different disciplines within the industry.

Limited or umbrella? Can’t decide?

For some contractors, using an umbrella company to handle their business affairs is incredibly appealing, but it is worth considering all the factors when making the choice between contracting through an Umbrella company or a Limited company. Through an umbrella company you will effectively be employed, which means you will be paying tax on a PAYE basis and have your National Insurance taken at source as well. When you include the fee that the umbrella company will apply, you may find that you are earning significantly less than you might expect.

By working under an umbrella company rather than having your own limited company, it is likely that you will only end up taking home around 60%-65% of what you earn on your contract, whereas if you work through your own Limited company you could end up with 75%-80% of your hard earned money. Our contractor calculator can give you a snapshot of what you could expect to earn if you do decide to go the Limited company route.

Unsurprisingly, there is a little more work involved in running your own Limited company, but the rewards are worth it if you are earning over £25k a year, as you will be entitled to the Flat Rate VAT Scheme and a broader range of expenses. It also means that you don’t have to worry about using an unscrupulous company who offer save extra money with ‘loopholes’ which are not allowed by HMRC so you can retain complete control over all your financial matters.

For more information, read our Comprehensive Contractors Guide for a detailed breakdown on everything from; forming your Limited company, setting up a business bank account, understanding dividends, IR35, company tax, and what an accountant will do for you.

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