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Deciding what to charge as your contractor day rate can be difficult. You don’t want to overcharge and risk being undercut by other contractors, but similarly you don’t want to undercharge and not get paid enough for your hard work.

We’ve put together the below calculator so you can see the average up to date contract rate for your skill set. It features the average daily rates for a variety of contractors including Project Manager, Business Analysts and Finance Contractors as well as IT contractors with specialist skill sets such as PHP, SQL and Java.

Simply choose where in the UK you’re located and what your contracting specialism is in and our handy calculator will do the rest for you, including show you how much of that daily rate you’d take home working as a limited company. We have also included a link to finding contracts in the area based on skill set.

Daily Rate Net Pay Through Ltd Find Jobs
£385 £308 Find Developer Jobs

If you compare your current rate with the ‘average net pay through a limited company’ and find that you’re not taking home as much as you’d like, going limited is something you might like to consider. For an illustration of take-home pay through a limited company, you could also try our contractor take-home pay calculator.

If you’re new to contracting, working through an Umbrella company can be the easiest option when getting contract work through a recruiter. However, the most tax-efficient way of working to maximise your income as a contractor is through your own limited company.

I know what you’re thinking – setting up your own limited company is complicated. Well, you may be surprised to know that it takes under five minutes to form a limited company and it’ll only take around 15-20 minutes a month to administer your company with the help of a good accountant such as SJD Accountancy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about going limited, you may find the below pages useful:

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