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One of the best things about working for yourself is being free from the 9-5 and in charge of your own work. But many new contractors are surprised to find that interview techniques and a strong CV are equally as important when you work for yourself. Just because you’re no longer employed doesn’t mean first impressions shouldn’t matter.

Though this is the same, knowing where to find work and what to include on your resume is vastly different and it can be confusing when you’re new to the process.

Help is at hand, thanks to our careers advice. You’ll find all you need to know, from finding work, optimising your income and nailing your interview techniques.

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Writing your CV

Download our FREE Contractor’s Guide to finding a Contract. Make sure your CV has a clear structure – including career overview, skills overview, qualifications (education/professional) and employment history. Your CV should…

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Single Most Important CV Tip

CV’s, e-CV’s, Keywords, CV database mining and IT contractors Keywords in your CV – The single most important thing you should do to your CV! There was a time when…

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Top 5 CV tips

1) Errors – Terrors Just one letter’s difference! Don’t let errors in punctuation or grammar be the reason for you not getting that contract. Clients and recruiters are always looking…

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Interview Strategies Part Two – The inside track

There are no guarantees in life. There is no 100% formula for getting a contract. However, there is a strategy for giving you the very best opportunity to claim the…

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Interview Strategies Part One – The inside track

What is your Contract-to-Interview Ratio? Some contractors seem to have a golden touch when it comes to interviews. Others have to go through several interviews to land the contract. Where…

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Maximising your potential as a Contractor

Higher rates of pay, more flexibility and freedom, no office politics and a better work-life balance are just some of the key reasons so many make the move into contracting, as…

Closeup of digital notice board denoting when a client cancels their contract

What to Do if a Client Cancels a Contract

When making the move to contracting, most are likely to find out through research that becoming a contractor does come with a lot of benefits, that a permanent employee wouldn’t…

Example of How to Write a Contractor CV

How to Write a Contractor CV

You’re ready to embark upon a fresh, rewarding career as a contractor, but how do you sell yourself to potential clients? Using my experience of working on both sides of…

As a contractor, your focus is on the best possible earnings, perhaps by changing accountants, which is portrayed by a bank card and currency

Changing Accountants

Like moving banks or changing your energy supplier, changing your accountant may seem like a huge gamble and one which, you may think, requires months of meticulous planning. However, nothing…

Image of person working on a smartphone looking at Linkedin for Contractors

LinkedIn for Contractors

Well, we’d all like to think LinkedIn is valuable and important, indeed some people join groups and are very active but how can you be sure you’re doing everything you…