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One of the best things about working for yourself is being free from the 9-5 and in charge of your own work. But many new contractors are surprised to find that interview techniques and a strong CV are equally as important when you work for yourself. Just because you’re no longer employed doesn’t mean first impressions shouldn’t matter.

Though this is the same, knowing where to find work and what to include on your resume is vastly different and it can be confusing when you’re new to the process.

Help is at hand, thanks to our careers advice. You’ll find all you need to know, from finding work, optimising your income and nailing your interview techniques.

Two contractors having an open discussion about how to conduct their contracting business

Contractor Interview Tips

A freelance contractor is looking for work online

Finding a Contract and Freelance work

Discover the finer details of how to go about finding contract and freelance work; from using recruiters to networking and advertising.