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Keywords in your CV – The single most important thing you should do to your CV!

There was a time when a well laid-out CV that didn’t have any spelling or grammatical errors plus a handful of achievements and a well-written cover letter, was all that was needed to secure that vital first interview. Well, that’s no longer the case!

More and more employers are using job boards and recruitment site CV database search facilities to find candidates. If your CV doesn’t include ‘scannable’ keywords and industry buzzwords for your particular industry, your CV might not be found, despite the fact that you might be the best person for the job/contract.

The use of CV keywords has now become an essential part of good CV construction, especially in the ultra-competitive contractor industry. In our experience, talking to contractors, it is no longer good enough just to have keywords buried within your CV, you need to be far more overt in your use of them.

How many CV’s have you seen that have a ‘keywords section’? It’s such a simple idea but having a separate keyword section on your CV ensures recruiters and potential employers can find your skills and experience easily when data mining CV’s.

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Maximising Scannability

Use jargon and acronyms specific to your industry that you think recruiters may search under.

Question is how do you know what keywords to use?

Search online for example job descriptions and vacancies in the type of jobs you’re interested in; talk to people in the industry and visit websites of the companies you’d like to work for. A simple method is to just type a few keywords into Google like “Java, Oracle, SAP, Cisco, online marketing, project manager etc and see what associated words come up.

Use the “Properties” feature in MS Word to boost the keyword searchability. This feature, found under Word’s File menu, enables you to insert keywords, comments and a link to your web-based CV if you have one.

You can use the “Comments” field to enter geographic and relocation preferences.

For web-based CV’s use of meta titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords.

Finally, what have you called your CV? I hope it’s not – ‘cv.doc’!

Imagine how many CV’s agencies and employers receive called ‘cv.doc’. Use your name and job title as part of the file name, for example, {name}-{job title}-CV.doc. The job title can be broad such as ‘joe bloggs – it contractor – cv.doc’ or more specific like ‘joe bloggs – java developer – cv.doc’.

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