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Ready to leave office politics behind? Discover the benefits of contracting

SJD’s contractor attitude survey revealed that 88% of our contractor clients earn daily rates of between £300 and £1,000, with 92% earning more than when they were employees.


Limited company or Umbrella? Read our ultimate guide

Find out all the pros and cons of going Limited and umbrella, so you have all the information you need to make a fully informed decision.


Contractors are 75% happier than as permanent employees

The results from our most recent contractor attitude survey are in, revealing some interesting results such as that 75% of contractors are happier than as permanent employees.


On-going demand for Contractors

Demand for contractors and freelancers is growing. Over 83% of contractors have seen their most recent contract extended in SJD’s latest contractor attitude survey.


Survey reveals 20% increase in £500 – £750 per day contract rates

With over 92% of those surveyed either in or about to start a contract, SJD’s latest contractor attitude survey sees a positive growth in the economy since our first survey back in January 2012.


Survey reveals 87% of contracts extended

Increasing contract extensions, higher daily rates and a better work/life balance, these are just some of the results seen in SJD’s latest contractor attitude survey.


Unprecedented demand for Contractors

Record number of contractors choosing to go Limited and start their own businesses…


Better work/life balance enjoyed by 70% of Contractors

Second contractor attitude survey results reveal better work/life balance for over 70% of contractors – download your free report.


Contractor Attitude Survey Results

SJD Conducts its first ever bi-annual National Contractor Attitude Survey. Download your report today.


Contractor Limited Company Take Home Pay Calculator

Demand for contractors is growing – See how much you could be taking home contracting through your own Limited company.

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